Debian Utsav 2012

An awesome event..!!!

Debian utsav 2012 event at mes college of engineering, kuttippuram mainly aim for making awareness about open source projects particularly Debian!!

I feel very happy that am also one among them.The sessions of both days were very informative and enjoyed a lot.Also I have got opportunity to mingle with lots of friends who are actively involving in open source & ready to help each other.

while talking about this event, I here show my hearty thankfulness to Sajith sir, CSE Dept, MESCE who is very friendly and helpful, arrange the accommodation to me as well as nithin and labeebka on the first day.No Doubt, the two day experience at mes college cherish my memories and I can’t forget it.

Day 1 , April 28, Saturday
I started journey at 6 ‘O’ clock, reached there around 9.45 am, at that time only few peoples were reached.First session was by Ershad, I knew him already that he came for few events in my college.He share the philosophical ideas and concepts of open source projects and various distros.Second session, by Nakhul was about command line usage , different way of usage of commands is very interesting and more helpful to do specific tasks easily.Next session, by Hariska, my senior ,he describe the installation procedure with a math game as an example.Due to dependency problems and network down , most of us couldn’t complete the task, but two teams finished the installation & game run successfully.. 🙂
Last session by labeebka, was gave an idea about Debian more, initial stages, where the name comes from, why it should be keep it in society & election process etc.

Nithin, labeebka & me stayed with Sajith sir.Evening we were plan to go “Nila-theeram” park at kuttippuram.At that time only, I heard about that such a park is there in malappuarm!! we reached the park around 6 pm.Till 8.30 pm, we walked through the park, discuss and share the ideas, Sajith sir opened his view of teaching style and commitment , and actual thing happening in the colleges now a days.I really had pleasure with them.we enjoyed the sunset, beautiful one!!

Day 2,April 29, Sunday

Sessions started with the discussion coordinated by labeebka, he talked about the security of personal information in the web, and introduce the coming idea of freedom box.Also mentioned about “diaspora” , similar to facebook , but which is based on distributed database instead of centralized as in fb!!

Then session carry over to Praveenettan, who actively contributing to Debian, waiting for the “Debian Developer” approval. He took class about , how packaging was done in debian.He introduce the tool “gem2deb”, which used for packaging ruby scripts to deb.The mixlib-log , downloaded & packaged using gem2deb tool in the workshop.Also he differentiate & explained the different stage releases of debian, as experimental, unstable, stable, back-ports etc.He gave brief idea about Debian maintainer, developer and sponsor concept for uploading debian packages to repository.That created the clear cut picture of debian development stages and strategies.

This was one of the best event I attended in my life, this program help me to know & think more about open source freedom & motivate to work on that.Thank you for each and every people, who made this event successful and memorable….

– – – – – – – – –


About ashiksp

computer science & Engg student , N.S.S College of engineering palakkad
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7 Responses to Debian Utsav 2012

  1. Way to go! Great post. I wish I too were there during that evening walk. You must have made the most out of Labeebka and Sajith sir then huh?

    Keep writing!

  2. pravi says:

    Thanks for writing! Good start, looking forward to more posts 🙂 Happy to hear you enjoyed it.

  3. cybErsCapes says:

    So happy to see that you got a great start! Keep writing!

  4. anand says:

    So happy to see that you got a great start! Keep writing!

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