workshop @ iitm by fsftn

I knew about this 5 day workshop from ilugc mailing list, and I registered for the same immediately. One of the program coordinator Prashanth guided me for the registration fee payment and the rest procedures. Workshop was scheduled to 18 june – 22 june.

On the way to chennai, I met my friends Naseef and Thabsheer. Thabsheer completed the PG in Applieed Geology from madras university campus near to iitm. So the problems in finding locations and all are vanished. We reached chennai on 17 june, we spent the day for visiting his campus, Anna cetenary library & beach. Next day I went to iitm campus, where the program venue was decided.

fsftn workshop @ iitm

fsftn workshop @ iitm

Day 1 : 18 june ’13

Workshop started on 18 june, Prashanth, fsftn made a small inaugural speech and announced the commencement   of the program. First session was about philosophy of foss and free software community by Sibi, secretary fsftn. Thank you Sibi for the awesome introduction. He explains about the importance of open source projects & community. Then we were divided into several groups. Anand Raj, Jay Ganesh, Janani, vaishali and me made our group “Open unity”. Vaishakh from CEG was our group coordinator. First team task given to us was to make a discussion about the philosophy session & one person from each group present the conclusion. From “Open unity” I got the chance to represent and made the conclusion points.After lunch, Yashwant (fsftn) taken the presentation about ubuntu installation. And some basic commands are tried out in the following lab session. Yeah the first day was over.

Since I opted for accommodation already the same was arranged at Narmada Hostel, iitm. Deepak from fsftn, who in-charge of accommodation did everything for us, thank you Deepak. A temporary mess card was issued to us from Hostel Office. Vignesh from hydrabad and Harisankar from erode were the other two friends in my room. Also Siva, Sanat (Hydrabad), Madhan karthik (Coimbatore) were there near by rooms. Thank you all for the memorable moments with you.

"Open Unity" Team

“Open Unity” Team with Sibi

Day 2 : 19 june ’13

Second day started with the Python session by Prasanna. He covered all the basics in Python. In the afternoon session he made a presentation about web development and Django. Presentation class was too short, thats why we can’t do anything with hands-own. It finished by giving an opening to Django world. Next session was about – Fundamentals of computer networks by Praveen themmana, Jupiter Networks.

The last session of the day was about Tor, “Onion routing”. Karthik, an energetic guy from Bangalore made the session more interesting with his loud voice and interaction with the people. Tor provides the platform to everyone to be anonymous in the Internet world. And it is privacy by Design NOT privacy by policy, good open source platform. The 2nd day sessions were finished by discussion on network security policies and alternatives. From my group Vaishali made the conclusion speech.

with Anand Raj

with Anand Raj

Day 3 : 20 june ’13

Morning session was started with introduction to Drupal, content management system like wordpress and Jumla by Shyamala from Unimity Solutions. The introductory slide session felt too boring, but later it turned more interesting by hands-own sessions. After basic intro to drupal, team task was assigned to build a website with it. My group got the topic “Creative Commons”, Janani from my group takes the chance to deliver our website to the audience. The day sessions were finished by a small talk on firefox OS by Keshav Mishra.

with vignesh

with vignesh

Day 4 : 21 june ’13

This is the day for Ruby on rails. Vyshakh, my group coordinator taken the sessions about introduction to Ruby and rails frame-work . It was also a good session for us. Some basic commands are tried out in the laptop systems. He explained about the “method” formats used in ruby language instead of “functions”. In evening session Arun Prakash, one of the mozilla contributor takes class about the localization and internationalization (l10n, i18n). He explained about how localization was done in community driven projects.

with Harisankar and Madhan karthik

with Harisankar and Madhan karthik

Day 5 : 22 june ’13

Last day of the workshop program. In Morning session, Yogesh (OpenStack contributor) takes the session about cloud computing, starting from virtualization, hypervisor, OpenStack components and working etc. After certificate distribution Prashanth invited all the volunteers to share their experience. Prashanth takes a small session about freedom policy by striking the case of Aron swartz, who committed suicide recently related to the same issue. At last Yashwant gave an insight and answers to the usual points , from where we have to start… from where we get the resources.. etc.

with Siva, Nabak kumar, Sanat

with Siva, Nabak kumar, Sanat

The five days were gone very fast, and it gave me some new ideas and info about new tools I have to exercise. Beyond Everything these five days gave lots of friends and to be a part of fsftn community. Thank you all behind this workshop for their valuable time and commitment towards the program. Once again thank you fsftn to organize these kinds of workshops.

Thank you all friends, you made this program a great one, & stay-in-touch.

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  1. vignesh says:

    we had good time bro… hope we meet soon.. 🙂

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